Isn’t it joyful thought to see this exception that confirm the rule. The stereotype of an artist is weird, depressed, anxious, if not schizophrenic. His creation is the ‘relief valve’ of his malaise which brings to light his talent and genius.

What about Raphael? I am browsing through pages and pages that describe his life and his character but I can’t find the typical tortured mind and soul of an artist. I perceive a happy life. Short but happy.

A sublime image of beauty throughout his works. Smart flattering towards his employer, talent-scouting his own workshop, layers of interpretation in one work. His generosity of mind is also reflected in the “Rooms”. He asked some of the fired artists to be part of his team and they were (Sodoma, Bramantino i.e.) and he kept Perugino’s vault decoration in the Stanza Fire in Borgo, which Giulio II authorised to destroy.

Pietro Perugino
Jesus between Mercy and Justice

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