Who is the devil?

During important celebrations in St.Peter’s Square with the presence of the Pope, i.e. Easter or during a canonisation, we can see an image of the Archangel Michael defeating Satan. The … Continue reading Who is the devil?

San Nicola In Carcere (in prison) – a “den full of popes”

Some future popes were incardinated in this church before becoming such, in addition to some well-known personality of Papal Rome discovering that Nicholas III, Boniface VIII and Alexander VI cardinals of … Continue reading San Nicola In Carcere (in prison) – a “den full of popes”

Magnanimous Raphael

Isn’t it joyful thought to see this exception that confirm the rule. The stereotype of an artist is weird, depressed, anxious, if not schizophrenic. His creation is the ‘relief valve’ of his malaise … Continue reading Magnanimous Raphael

The Underground of S. John Lateran

Walking through the underground of Saint John Lateran, while crossing  the middle ship” of the church above, means walking through 2000 years of History. You discover the foundations of Septimius Severus’ barracks … Continue reading The Underground of S. John Lateran

The Mithraic Temple of S.Prisca

The church of Santa Prisca on the Aventine Hill is the titular church of  Aquila e Priscilla / Prisca is in the hands of the Augustinian Order since the XVI … Continue reading The Mithraic Temple of S.Prisca

The Mithras Cult

The god Mithras was part of the polytheistic firmament in ancient Iran and India. Mentioned in the ancient Vedas (1400 p.e.v.) and later Zarathustra wrote down the dogma of his … Continue reading The Mithras Cult

San Clemente – The Time Machine

The  Basilica of San Clemente with its mosaic and frescos is a jewel of middle age, renaissance and baroque artworks. Then you walk down the first staircase, and you “travel” … Continue reading San Clemente – The Time Machine

In Depth- San Clemente

This area near to the Colosseum had most probably Republican buildings which were included in Nero’s huge Villa, his Domus Aurea. The whole area was destroyed with the terrible fire … Continue reading In Depth- San Clemente