Strolling through Ancient Rome we will discover the perhaps most famous monument in Rome itself at the time, the Flavian Amphitheater, i.e. the Colosseum. It could accommodate 70,000 spectators. The most awaited entertainment took place in the afternoon with gladiator fights.

Passing by the Arch of Constantine we visit the Roman Forum, the political and commercial center of Ancient Rome. The remains we see today can take us back in time and let us imagine their extraordinary nature. We walk next to the Temple of Vesta, between the Basilicas Iulia and Emilia to be able to admire the ancient Senate from the 3rd century.

The Palatine Hill is the cradle of the city. Rome was founded here 2750 years ago, and here Augustus decided he wanted to build his imperial palace. A walk on the Palatine gives us the opportunity to have a panoramic view of the entire Forum.

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